GianPaolo DiCocco And Negative
GianPaolo DiCocco
P U R G I N G    T H E     C A R N I V A L

Astrological Commentary On the Chart of GianPaolo DiCocco,
Internet Marketer, 'Voice of the Cosmos,' Etc.

 Julian Lee, Locational Astrologer

Note: I will be adding to my analysis of Paul DiCocco over the coming weeks.

In this public commentary I'm going to talk a bit about DiCocco's natal aspects, items that are of interest regardless of location. Second, I'll talk about how his life changed by moving to California at my recommendation, and how his present persona developed naturally under the new western locational chart he acquired, proving out that it's now his true chart rather than the natal. Third, I am going to predict things about his future. 

Paul DiCocco commenced spewing slander at enemies  and competitors after puffing himself up as Lord of Astrologers.
Two years earlier he didn't even know his own natal positions when he hired me for a locational recommendation.

Natal Items of Interest

Paul DiCocco's Sun Dodecile Saturn

DiCocco has a heavily afflicted sun, with a semi-sextile of Saturn against it.  I have always preferred to call it a dodecile because semi-sextile sounds way too friendly. An early book by Robert Hand, one I read at the beginning of my astrological studies 34 years ago, used this term and it stuck with me.

This is a very overlooked aspect in astrology today.
Though not as powerful as a square, it is an affliction, and is associated with traits, experiences, and phenomena that are bizarre, stressful, and unpleasant. Later we will ponder the difference between "power" and extreme unpleasantness/stress. Squares have more of the former, dodeciles more of the latter. Further, I posit that squares have symmetry and "coherency "while the dodecile and quincunx are asymmetrical and incoherent. (DiCocco has a 2nd strong dodecile -- the Mercury Dod Mars -- which explains a great deal about his abrasive personality. See below.)

To understand the Sun-Dodecile-Saturn you simply read the best lore about Sun-Square-Saturn, then twist it a few times in your mind, and add "bizarre, stressful" to it. The results of dodecile transits are also stressful and bizarre, but usually indeterminate, that is, they often don't add up to major events that can't be washed away. However, natally, there will be certain stressful themes.

If you study bizarre accidents there is often a dodecile involved. Typical for these would be Mars-Dodecile-Pluto/Saturn, Moon-Dod-Saturn/Mars, and a few others. If you look at the charts of criminals, those who have done extreme crimes, or those who have spent a lot of time in prison, there are often dodeciles in the chart, especially  Sun/Mars/Pluto-against-Saturn.

To understand why this is so, we have to understand that "next door" signs have little intercourse with one another; little 'understanding' of each other as it were. Imagine standing in a circle of 12 people. You're looking forward and you most clearly see the person opposite you. They are in the "opposition" position. You can also clearly see the people at 90 degrees right/left (the ones "square" to you.) You can see the trine people in the circle too. But the one to your right and left, you don't even see them. In like manner next door signs don't "see" or, more like, they don't understand each other and there is no natural intercourse between them. We can easily get a feel for this by saying "Gemini doesn't understand Cancer much, Leo doesn't understand Virgo much, Scorpio doesn't understand Sagg much," etc. There is a foreignness. This is the reason that dodeciles are associated with bizarre and stressful phenomena.

With the square there is symmetry as well as power, and the problems are easily described with clear solutions. This applies both to natal themes and transiting squares. But with the dodecile (and quincunx) the problems are messy, unwieldy, hard to understand or explain.

So one with Mercury-Square-Mars may be an effective and influential researcher. They may argue an important question, find the truth, and be praised for it. The one with the Dodecile (or Quincunx) may research, but they are all over the place and reach bizarre or contradictory conclusions. Their research may merely upset and annoy rather than edify or put people on higher ground. Their research/argumentation will tend to be faulty. Though inclined to take odd or original points of view, their view does not grapple with basics. The square, being one-fourth of the wheel, and representing a corner, has symmetry. Even the symbols for dodecile/quincunx look unstable, unwieldy, unbalanced. Like something that could easily break whereas carpenters constantly use the square formation to get good work done and build strong structures. We could imagine the researcher/arguer with the Square is drilling down in a straight line. The researcher/arguer with the dodecile is drilling in shifting directions and without motive force or constancy. He makes a lot of pockmarks in "the wood" shall we say, though his project was exciting and interesting after a fashion.

We can see these principles with transits also. Under a square transit, major events occur and major decisions are made based on clear conflicts. But with the dodecile and quincunx there is a lot of strange trouble, and once it's over, one wonder's what it was good for. However when the planets involved are the slower ones, these two aspects can indeed produce experiences that have such an arc or expanse, in the life, that they do show up on the story-of-life.

Now, some themes for this natal aspect:

With both the Sun-Sqr-Satur and the Dodecile, there is conflict with authority figures. The native feels put upon by the boss, the police, the courts, etc. He feels persecuted by them and they come down hard on him. Bizarre situations do develop between DiCocco and authority figures, and they tend to bring the hammer down. He gets a grudge against all kinds of authority figures. In a recent thread DiCocco stated that he  sued his employer (he seems to be fond of suing people) and that they put a restraining order on him. One can also find evidence of an absurd battle DiCocco had with the police over a routine traffic ticket. The policeman issued him a ticket for a moving violation that DiCocco did prior to reaching his driveway. DiCocco was enraged that the police issued him a ticket after he reached the driveway. In other words, the native feels persecuted and beset by authorities.

I would expect the father to have been, in the case of this aspect, one of the authorities at times giving trouble. Three main themes could be expected: The missing father, the father with bizarre problems, and the highly demanding or critical father. Or all three, or alternations of these. The father would be likely to have some sexual dysfunction, pecadilloes, or scandals. He may have had a physical or health problem. He may have had an aesthetic flaw, or been an insufferable showboat. (Interesting that DiCocco is an insufferable showboat. Did he have a model for this?) Keep in mind that sometimes brothers or uncles carry the father role to varied extents.

This aspect is also not helpful to the health of the native carrying it (DiCocco).

With Sun-Dod-Saturn one has pain and frustration in the natural human urges to be a "star," to lead, to express himself, and especially to have attention. Thus when he does so, against the natural restraint of this aspect, he tends to take hits and get into troubles for doing it. As children we all have our need to be appreciated, to shine, to have applause or our parents ogle us as we dance before them. With Saturn-afflict-Sun, the native has frustrations here. In childhood they would be less likely to get the good parts in the plays, watching other children get to shine. On the playground I would expect them to be bullied, or very shy. This naturally builds up a strong desire to be appreciated; to be a "star" in some realm. It is clear that DiCocco, in his new incarnation as GianPaolo The Astrological Authority, is trying to fulfill this need. But because of the aspect, one receives opposition and makes mistakes; there are flaws in one's presentation, screwups in the performance.

Paul DiCocco, who (((claims))) that he grew up Catholic, has the natal aspect Mercury-Square-Neptune along with famous circus-master and hoaxster P.T. Barnum. Above DiCocco seen in a recent YouTube in which he purports to analyze the natal chart of a pope. DiCocco gets angry and abusive if he's not taken seriously as an astrologer. Below: Two comments on the thread. Note the 3rd comment. It was P.T. Barnum who stated "There's a sucker born every minute."

Saturn afflictions to the Sun and to Venus correspond with physical flaws, including aesthetic ones. The native will be embarrassed about these things. Paul DiCocco has taken to wearing a hat all the time in his videos, which presumably is to cover up premature baldness.

Hard natal aspects between Sun-Saturn, Mars-Saturn, and Pluto-Saturn are associated with cruelty. They can be domineering. Others have at times forced their will on them; they imprint on that and become inclined to force their will on others, getting angry when the target won't comply. Many criminals who perpetrated cruel acts have these afflictions listed above. DiCocco developed a public role and persona of spewing vitriol at other astrologers and forcing his opinions on the world as a lordly "authority." We can see the cruelty DiCocco dishes out liberally to those who disagree with him on his threads or gives him any slight. After calling them names and mocking them he typically bans them. DiCocco was likely not a strong physical specimen in youth so he wasn't able to express this on a personal basis, say on the playground. Instead he loves at least the idea of litigation; enjoys the idea of making people suffer through lawsuits and impoverishments. He has gloated publicly several times about a desire to "eat him out of house and home" (me) with a lawsuit (after I helped him much), and delights at the idea that he could take away the support I give to my children. So you can see his cruel streak. Even a casual search for items related to DiCocco (on the internet) finds instances of him gloating about suing someone, motivated by cruelty or some exaggerated notion of vengeance. I attribute much of this to his strong Sun-Dodecile-Saturn.

With aspects between the Sun and Saturn, especially hard and close, there is a sexual frustration. More notably there will be a "using" of sex and a "getting used." Some of this shows up in lore, typically in writeups about Sun-Square-Saturn.  The same themes attend the dodecile but they attain more bizarre manifestation. The native "uses" sex and is used. Both aspects are associated with lechery. But with the dodecile, it would be more bizarre in nature.
I mentioned the idea of "using." You will see the native use and be used. Strong aspects of Saturn to the Sun, first sex planet, are often seen in the charts of prostitutes and pimps. The prostitute is using sex and getting used. The pimp is very much using sex for his gain. It is interesting that DiCocco promotes his videos at a website,, that exploits sexual titillation.  At this page you will see a list of "promoted videos" by DiCocco along with hyper-sexy pictures of women down the right side.

Above: DiCocco uses sex to promote his career as an astrologer. This is the top of his personal at His astrology videos start below and the sex pictures continue down the right side. It's "promoted content" which means he has paid to have his videos listed this way.

 The page has "GianPaolo DiCocco" in a large headline along with much racy sexual content. He has obviously created an account at this sex-selling site to better promote himself. I have not seen any other place where he has amalgamated his videos beyond this and YouTube. Related to this, DiCocco tends to get porny, racey accounts following him on Facebook. It suggests that a reciprocity is developing between DiCocco and the sex industry. In other words, DiCocco "uses" sex to promote his new career as an astrological commentator. (While he constructs himself politically as a conservative!) After all, he's really a marketer it seems. (His Facebook invites marketing propositions.) And there has always been a certain breed of marketer who has no qualms about using sex to sell; to make money. Still I wonder how many other forms this lecherous tendency has taken in his life before now.

Saturn is also the planet of mistakes. In summary we can expect that this aspect would correspond to bizarre and painful problems connected with the drive for creativity, showmanship, the quest for fame, and sex -- all things deeply tied to the sun. It would also occasion mistakes made in those areas.

DiCocco has assistance with this dire aspect from his applying Sun sextile to Jupiter. The affects are mercifully ameliorated by that. (And helps account for his preachy manner and certitude that he's always right.) Yet I would expect some of these themes from the dodecile to be present in his life. In the case of themes like domineering attitude, cruelty, desire for attention and aggrandizement -- these are well demonstrated by him right there in public.

Paul DiCocco's Mercury Dodecile Mars

As I have stated, to picture what a dodecile is like you can review the literature on the Square, then give it twists; make it more bizarre. So to start here we only need to review the observations about Mercury-Square-Mars. These people typically have these traits:

-- They are verbally aggressive and combative; they argue a lot, get into verbal fights

-- They are coarse and caustic in speech

-- They say bizarre and disturbing things

-- Many will work with machines and equipment, running it or fixing it

-- There will be in the life some physical accidents, cuts, and mishaps related to walking, movement of the hands, traveling in conveyances (driving). But with the square the native early gets some competence and skill in these matters. Squares get integrated. Such people can be highly skilled experts in arguing, in movement, in using their hands, with equipment, and with getting around. For example we might see the Square in the chart of a highly skilled helicopter pilot, an energetic lawyer, a person who makes impressive crafts with their hands, a skilled carpenter, a stunt man, a policeman, a skilled martial arts enthusiast...

-- This individual will also be around people who have these traits early on. So one will typically have men around them in early life who argue a lot, who do a difficult physical skill, etc. The native will imprint on these people and become like them. (They are just one's self projected outward in the first place, as well as one's chart projected outward.)

-- The square will give many experiences of impetuous physical movements and impetuous words. Things done and said that prove to be unripe or problematic to them and become part of the "story of his life." (Once I tripped over a...) But with the square, as I said, the thing gets more integrated and the native will develop some discipline with it, plus sublimation of the energy into activities listed above.

With the Dodecile we must take the idea and destabilize it, think of the more bizarre and stressful possibilities.  Thus with the Merc-Dodecile-Mars we get a bizarrely combative figure. DiCocco seems to get into 10 fights per day. We get a bizarrely caustic and coarse individual always stewing for a fight who says many over-the-top things. He is impetuous with words, saying things half-cocked. DiCocco stated to me that he had a hard time keeping a job in the east. He was recently fired from his job in California. He stated that it  was because he placed an obscene (coarse!) gesture on his work computer, presumably intending it to be seen by someone he was in another dispute with. (Why else would someone do that on their work computer?) Notice that an item on a computer, meant to be seen, is a Mercury matter.

It would be logical to assume that most of his firings and dismissals from jobs come from something he said, and/or something he did in the realm of investigative research. (Such as looking at data or information.) Basically the Merc-Dod-Mars gives a person who gets into bizarre arguments. I will be posting a list of famous or notable people who have this same aspect and who show forth these qualities.

It would be typical that these natives would have some bizarre accidents, trip ups, and falls in their life. This would be especially likely if the Merc or Mars ruled the locational 3rd House. This is the case with DiCocco in New York, and we know of at least one disturbance he has had related to driving while living there.

Paul DiCocco's Merc-Dod-Mars is the explanation for his extreme level of verbal combativeness, his verbal coarseness, and his impetuous statements that are typically ill-researched, unripe, and faulty. Indeed, we see DiCocco continuously having to delete his own internet comments which often expose him in some way; have an embarrassing aspect he realizes only later, or comments which contradict his prior comments. An example would be when he dismissed the value of locational astrology, saying "Wherever you go there you are," but in other posts affirms it and tries his hand at locational analysis just the same.

Another quality here is that the carrier says controversial things. Because we are living in an age in which controversy brings attention, DiCocco is converting this into a marketing venture and a name for himself that is increasingly morphing from "astrologer" to entertainer.

Paul DiCocco's Mercury Square Neptune

Above: DiCocco's Mercury-Square-Neptune is easily seen. A great many tricksy people have weaker versions. (See below)
Natal Data, given by DiCocco to me when he hired me for a locational recommendation: September 24, 1983 / Valley Stream, New /  2:48 pm

A cute moment occurred on one of DiCocco's YouTube thread in which a poster asked him if he had "Mercury Square Neptune" in his chart. The implication was that DiCocco shows traits of that, in the minds of those who study astrology. (And he does.) The poster, "Diana" had come to the conclusion that the aspect fit DiCocco. He angrily stated that he does not have the aspect, calling her "miss garbage." (Remember his caustic, verbally brutal Mercury-Dodecile-Mars.)

After this DiCocco and one of his account shills (he appears to have many helpers trying to install him as a legitimate astrologer) began to play an "orb" game, saying that anything over 10 degrees-from-exact is void and irrelevant. "Orbs" are just rules of thumb that astrologers use and opinions differ widely. The absurd idea they propounded here was that if DiCocco had the square at 10 degrees or less, it was existed, but as soon as it reached 10.01, it no longer existed. DiCocco's square is actually very strong, and just a few minutes over 10 degrees. A perusal of the following list of Mercury-Square-Neptune personalities will blow up that idea handily.

Funny enough, the Mercury-Square-Neptune, which gives both the power of obfuscation and the inclination toward it, appears in the charts of many famous con men, thieves, forgers, fugitives, and imposters. It's even found in the chart of America's most famous icon of chicanery and false promotion, circus mogul P.T. Barnum. Many of them have weaker squares than DiCocco's square. An impressive list is easily assembled. Below the gap or difference from an exact square is given in bold. (Exact squares are rare.) Watch the continuum and see where DiCocco falls:

Gregor MacGregor, Con Man, sold a fake country ("Poyais") to investors, 17°10 from exact.

Joseph Weil, "one of the best known American con men of his era," also called "Yellow Kid," 15°17 from exact

Don Lapre, "King of Infomercials," Shyster, 12°45 (This is one of two OPPOSITIONS included here, which acts similar to a square.)

Stephen Blumberg, most successful book thief in US history, stole 23,600 rare books valued at 5.3 million over a career that started in childhood and lasted 42 years. Extremely successful at deception and evading discovery! 11.38 from exact. (Weaker than DiCocco's square.)

P.T. Barnum, famous circus master and promoter of hoaxes and frauds,  who famously said "There's a sucker born every minute." 12°36 (P.T. Barnum's Mercury-Square-Neptune is WEAKER that Paul DiCocco's.)

Barry Minkow, Con Man, Embezzler, Money Launderer.  10°18. (Similar to DiCocco's gap)

David Hampton, Pretended to be the son of Sidney Poitier and defrauded/robbed wealthy socialites in NYC, 10°12. (Similar to DiCocco's gap, Opposition)

Paul DiCocco, YouTube astrologer/marketer, 10°10.

Lou Pearlman, American record producer and "fraudster," got 25 years in prison. 8°35.

Robert Vesco, Embezzler, Fugitive, 8°35.

Marc Rich, fugitive billionaire shyster, Clinton crony, 3°51

Wolfgang Beltracchi, the world's most famous art forger, 2°54

Colton Harris Moore, "The Barefoot Bandit." Famous fugitive and highly successful thief, 2°19. -- Moore was charged with the thefts or destruction of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and property, including several small aircraft, a boat, and two cars; and the burglaries of at least 100 private residences in various locations around the Pacific Northwest

These all use sunrise birth times, with birth times not known. Give or take a degree on each. Logic says that fraudsters and con men would have Mercury (planet of transactions, communication, documents) in affliction to Neptune. So, indeed, we find that in many famous con men, and many of them with a gap wider than 10 degrees. You can see that on this list Paul DiCocco's falls among the ones with the closer Mercury-Neptune squares. There are quite a few similar characters having the Mercury-Opposition-Neptune, but only two of those were listed here so as to focus on the Square. Note DiCocco's adamant denial that he carries this aspect:

DiCocco insists he doesn't have this aspect because of some "10 degrees" guestimate he heard. His gap is only 10 minutes past 10 degrees, for crying out loud. He got abusive to a woman who only asked if he had it. On the orb issue: Both astrology and life are full of gradations; shades. It is childish to think there is something magical about the number 10, as if some "click" happens there. Like, "The Mercury 9°59 from exact is a square, but when it gets to 10 it's no longer there." There is no reliable rule with regard to "orbs." It depends on the planets involved, how fast they are moving, how many other planets are running with them, or others stabilizing/mitigating the aspect. We can see DiCocco does have this natal Square as part of a gradation with many others of similar nature. And we can see that his Square is among the stronger ones.

Astrology is not tick-tock, like a physical object or machine, though DiCocco lofts billows of smoke to make it appear so to the gullible. DiCocco "doesn't have Mercury-Square-Neptune" only in his mind. Adamantly denying
that square is just one more falsehood. We can associate his denial with the very square itself.

The Future For Paul DiCocco

Paul DiCocco is just beginning a long collapse of status as Neptune comes into a sustained opposition to his actual 10th House ruler, Mercury. Watching these Neptune transits during 30 years of study, my conclusion is that the square or opposition, to the ruler of a house, always bring a dissolving of that house and a major loss (relative to the House). There can be several notable losses related to the House, because this transit is long. At the moment the opposition is already 4 degrees from exact. In my experience a hard Neptune transit like this will begin to manifest earlier than this, at 6 degrees from exact, or earlier.

When I say "dissolving the house" it means things like this:

Neptune opposes the 5th house ruler:
Your child goes away, disappears, or becomes incompetent and confused. The child may become very idealistic and spiritual, different than they were. They may get involved with drugs or alcohol, and become changed by this. You create something, but it may fail in the practical world and may be stolen from you.

Neptune opposes the 6th house ruler:
Your health dissolves. You get hard to diagnose ailments. You lose an important employee. You may attract a dangerous or dishonest employee who makes your business fail.

Neptune opposes the 7th house ruler:
Your spouse/mate leaves  you, or becomes incompetent, or impractical, or wants to run off to the "ashram" or hermitage, engages with a semi-deluded quest, very much changes, or is found out in a major deception, is imprisoned, or gets into drink or drugs.

I could go on in this line but you see the idea. When Neptune opposes the 10th House ruler there is a dissolving of the career, the status, the sense of direction, and public competence.

There will tend to be scandals and humiliations in public life. The old work you did gets bogged down and no longer moves forward. Eventually it ends or is fundamentally altered. But there will be loss.

DiCocco began his new career as an online astrological commentator (on politics mostly) and overbearing critic of other astrologers well before this opposition came, during a long Pluto trine to his Calif. 10th ruler which built him up into a new life's role as "GianPaolo." It's logical to assume that the dissolving will relate to both his older work (medical services) plus his new work as an astrological horsefly and deliverer of cocky attitude.

When the opposition was at about 6 degrees, DiCocco lost control of his name in the .com field. (I bought them. Not because I wanted to fulfill his transit, but because I wanted to defend myself from his attacks. He always deletes my posts on the threads where he attacks the one who helped him.)

Soon after that, DiCocco was fired from his job where he worked the night shift in some kind of medical analysis. According to him, he was living in Los Angeles, a location he purportedly chose using his 'superior' astrological knowledge. During the application phase DiCocco has also had much criticism from YouTube surfers and other astrologers for his fatuous, negative astrological bombast .

Based on my experience watching this powerful transit, I believe that the loss of control over his image and public story, plus the firing from his job, are only the beginning of a long collapse in status for DiCocco.

The final results for anybody, with such a transit as this, can include serious illness (which makes one incompetent in career and fulfills a weakening of human status), imprisonment, a deepening addiction or drinking habit, public humiliations, scandals and deceptions coming out in view, and a questioning "What should I be now." The individual, during the Neptune hit, will usually cast about trying different things in terms of career, but unable to make a go of it most of the time. The transit later creates confusion about one's path, partly due to loss of the earlier path/status. It is taken away.

If the individual (DiCocco here) continues to live with that same midheaven ruler during the entire transit they will usually have everything about their former status stripped away by the end. Typically there will be humiliation. The individual may be forced to go into hiding, which further comports with the nature of Neptune. They are just as likely to be "discovered" in hiding during this transit, as the transit presses on. An example of this appears to have already taken place: DiCocco had been stating that he lived in Los Angeles, as a way to discredit me as a locational astrologer. ('I didn't like San Francisco. But now I'm happy in Los Angeles.') Then I pointed out publicly that all databases place him in the San Francisco area. This was like "being in hiding" then "getting found out." When we heard the story of Saddam Hussein being found down in a hole, hiding in Iraq, that was the sort of "discovery" moment I refer to. There is humiliation in it, and it's a big surprise, like some odd thing that had been lost at sea popping up on the beach. It is likely as the opposition carries on that DiCocco will go through several instances of "hiding" and several instances of being "found out."

Had DiCocco been a decent person he would have done his best in San Francisco and appreciated the great 10th House development he enjoyed there. (I often call it a "coherency harvest.") Then like most of my clients, when he sensed an ill wind blowing or a loss of momentum, he would have called me to inquire about it. I would have then advised him how he could get through this transit more on the high end, with less damage. (I do this all the time, and clients call me all the time when their good locational transits fade.) If things were too difficult, I would have helped him get out of there to another location to avoid most of the damage, and where new coherent or protective transits were developing. Successful people do this kind of thing all the time, by pure instinct. We hear of celebrities, actors, etc. and how they sometimes move to another side of the the USA, or to Europe. What's happened is natural, and people with good instincts do it. They feel an ill wind in Southern California and feel attracted to New York, go there, and ride a new wave, without knowing anything about locational astrology. In my work I can find these places using knowledge. If DiCocco had been a decent person and not launched a campaign to attack my livelihood, I would have helped him with his bad transit just as I help others.

What makes DiCocco's coming Neptune opposition more dire is the fact that his status has been nurtured, built up, and protected the past 3 years as transiting Pluto came into trine to his Mercury, that same locational 10th House ruler. Under the Pluto trine to a house ruler, good fortune develops in that house. Power develops, things are just given. One can get away with many things and push many things, in the outer or public realm. If one has not found his true or better work, the Pluto-Trine-Feeding-10 will bring him/her into that work. Then whatever they proceed to do, it works. They have influence under that. Additionally, DiCocco benefited during the same 3 years from Venus and Mars -- both -- applying to conjunction to that same 10th House ruler. He reported that he got a good position in California, after years of "spotty employment" in the east. The slow Mars conjunction corresponded with him starting a bold new work -- public astrological pundit, something far from his prior pathways and interests. The Venus conjunction assured he would be personally attractive in that work  -- or in any profession he pursued. In fact, even the Venus conjunction alone (if we took away the Pluto trine and the Mars conjunction) --- would have been sufficient to give him a good position (superiors like you when that's going on), as well as to make him attractive as an online personality. Indeed DiCocco has enjoyed truckloads of coherency feeding his 10th house since he followed my advice. It's the whole reason he attained sudden fame and the world is so aware of him after a very obscure life with humble goals.

All three of these beneficial transits/progressions are dying or gone.

So he has a situation in which 3 fortunate 10th House stabilizers/growers are spent, while the Neptune opposition is now coming in to do its duty without their help. Total collapse is imminent.

While the collapse is coming on there is likely to be a great deal of delusion in DiCocco. We have already seen this with his claims to be the voice of "the cosmos" or to represent the cosmos. He appears to believe that he is some kind of demigod, asura, or divine channel dispensing "justice" to anybody who has annoyed him. Such delusions are long associated with Neptune.  Just today (March 20, 2017) DiCocco constructed a fake tweet from President Trump calling him "one of the smartest people I know."
After an initial unobstructed rise helped by his three powerful progressions  feeding 10th (which I basically gave to him by recommending California), DiCocco has begun to run into resistance. Deceptions and "misstatements" are getting spotlighted. With his Mercury-Square-Neptune, it's likely that he will resort to further ruses and misdirections in order to shore up the image he coveted. The public will find out that this sort of thing was with DiCocco from the beginning. As listed above, the Mercury-Square- Neptune is associated with some of the world's great Imposters.  Is this DiCocco slipping into a more blatant type of deception? Or does DiCocco actually believe that President trump tweeted to him?

So we see him employing ruses. One notes that some of DiCocco's "happy client" blurbs for promoting paid readings are written like advertisements: "Contact GianPaolo!" (I've had a lot of blurbs written to me the past 30 years, but none of them urged "Contact Julian Lee" like a radio commercial.)

Neptune is associated with delusion and mental illness, and with the long hit to his 10th (through the ruler) a public display of insanity (certainly eroding the status) is among the possibilities.
There were already delusional aspects to DiCocco's persona. He has already stated it is his mission to "purge the cosmos." Ordinary people view this as megalomania. Now that the Neptune opposition (eating his status) is finally coming on in earnest, could he become more delusional? He clearly wants to be taken seriously, so why should he do obviously deceptive things? Will it come out that the entire thing has been an insincere act and he's really intended to mock astrology and the gullible people who hang on his words? Or does he perhaps really believe that Donald Trump tweeted praise to him? It should be entertaining to watch.

At baseline Neptune hits will mock whoever is not pursuing the higher-end aspects of the planet, which involve full service, egolessness, self-abnegation, rarefied artistic creativity -- and a few other things. Neptune is very much the enemy of ego, and tends to enforce egolessness either through service, mind-dissolving meditation, or humiliation. For this reason both saints and homeless beggars are Neptunian figures. Both crazy men and fine artists. The reason the fine artist is safer in these situations is that they get into a kind of channelship of their art, in which their art is bigger than them, and this represents a state of egolessness.

It follows that whoever is arrogant, self-aggrandizing, and displaying a lot of ego -- gets his ass kicked by Neptune. One either surrenders ego through mysticism, art, or service -- or Neptune forces its surrender through loss and humiliation. It's easy to see which sort of path DiCocco has built the past several years. Though he is cruel to others, Neptune will be crueler to him.

It's very funny to me that DiCocco, who now presents himself as an astrological authority (he seemed to know nothing about his own natal chart 2 years ago) -- while trying to figure out his recent troubles (such as getting fired) using astrological analysis, is clueless about this Neptune opposition and it's central role. He seems to have no idea what's going on. As I always have said, I like to deal in basics. (DiCocco deals in minutia, arcana, tangential matters -- throughout his astrological commentary. Just all part of the flim flam.) Neptune opposing his 10th House ruler is the central astrological factor to cite as troubles beset him. And this is functional in the California Locational Charts, not the natal. Because these are the true charts. Thus why Paul DiCocco will have a true collapse over the next 3 years in California.

There actually are ways to get through a Neptune opposition like this with much less loss, and even little-scathed. I teach these techniques to my clients because my life's work has been to find ways to ameliorate the human suffering  reflected in astrological charts. I would not share them with Paul DiCocco.

Below: A smattering of recent comments at DiCocco's "pope" video including his whacky fans. Note the "Bravo." His biggest fans have a hobby interest in astrology, plus strong political opinions. 
They don't ask DiCocco to validate his assertions with multiple examples. (Such as showing how his proferred technical factor have similar results with 10 people -- or even 2 other people. They are happy to simply accept his word, because what DiCocco tapped into -- and exploited -- was the desire people have to see their political opinions "validated" by occultism.

Julian Lee

More to come in the Paul DiCocco reading. Watch this page.

Paul DiCocco ('GianPaolo' a new internet astrology sensation!) is one of my most notable successes in my 30-year locational astrology practice. After he moved to my recommended location (California, the San Francisco Bay Area) -- where he still lives today according to ten public databases -- his life was revolutionized from a chronically jobless schlep living with his mother and hoping to be an undertaker, to a YouTube "astrologer" and internet personality. He now calls himself an entertainer and comedian. But the world is receptive to him; people seem to like his bombastic shtick and let him get away with anything. (At least for a time.) I had given him a powerfully developing 10th House of career (his main concern) receiving the benefit of a long-term Pluto trine and prog Venus/Mars conjunction to his new 10th ruler, and a very improved money house. One of the best improved 10th Houses I have given to anybody, and his life shows it. (Although I believe he is lying about living in Los Angeles now, it wouldn't make any difference because the strong career development assistance applied all over California.) His success and change of track in the recommended location is even more spectacular given I labored with an obstruction (he gave me the wrong birth year). This is not the first time I've helped clients despite similar technical obstructions. I actually thought "Northern California" as soon as I began talking to him, without seeing the charts. (Not unusual for me.) Normally such a client would be grateful, and coming back for more, and the world would never know they had come to me or benefited from my advice. (I don't normally reveal who my clients are.) But he bizarrely turned on me, displaying a pathological character, probably with racial and political motives, and started publicly attacking the man who brought him this success. Seeing my creation has turned on me I must respond to him in this unique way. -- Julian Lee

Paul DiCocco ranting, dazzling them with bullshit.

Below: Paul DiCocco's Relocated Natal Chart, New York

Below: Paul DiCocco's Relocated Natal Chart, San Francisco

Below: Paul DiCocco's Relocated Natal Chart, Los Angeles

Death Threats
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