About Paul DiCocco and His Insane
Defamation & Slander Campaign Against Astrologer Julian Lee
Late in my career, after 27 years of serving people, I finally got a case every professional eventually hits on: the "client from hell." This was Paul DiCocco. Because he received a full refund long ago, and because he is trying to hurt my reputation, and uniquely is one who holds his astrologer accountable for the problems of his life, I made this page to defend my work.

Paul DiCocco, aka GianPaolo DiCocco, Sudden Internet Astrology Sensation
The following former client has chosen to attack me publicly (as an astrologer) after I helped him immensely and got paid nothing for it. His public attacks are why I'm talking about him, and why I purchased a few domains that would allow me to respond to his attacks in a way that stayed close to his content. Paul DiCocco is one of my most notable successes in my 30-year locational astrology practice. After he moved to California on my recommendation (twice) his life was revolutionized from a chronically jobless schlep living with his mother and hoping to be an undertaker, to a YouTube "astrologer" and internet personality. He now calls himself an entertainer and comedian. But the world is receptive to him; people seem to like his bombastic shtick and let him get away with anything. (At least for a time.) With California I had given him a powerfully developing 10th House of career (his main concern) receiving the benefit of a long-term Pluto trine and prog Venus/Mars conjunction to his new 10th ruler, and a very improved money house. One of the best improved 10th Houses I have given to anybody, and his life shows it. Although he claims to be happier in "Los Angeles" (actually Pasadena) it wouldn't make any difference because the strong career development assistance applied all over California. His success and change of track in the recommended location is even more spectacular given I labored with an obstruction (he gave me the wrong birth year). This is not the first time I've helped clients despite similar technical obstructions. I actually thought "California" as soon as I began talking to him, without seeing the charts. (Not unusual for me.) Normally such a client would be grateful, and coming back for more, and the world would never know they had come to me or benefited from my advice. (I don't normally reveal who my clients are.) But he bizarrely turned on me, displaying a pathological character, probably with racial and political motives, and started publicly attacking the man who brought him this success. Seeing my creation has turned on me I must respond to him in this unique way.
-- Julian Lee
At this time DiCocco is doing every thing possible -- as he reinvents himself as an astrological pundit and develops a following of gullible fans-- to suppress the contents of this page, especially the fact that he attained the success he sought in California, where I directed him.

After I assisted him magnificently with his sad life and lifted him up by recommending an excellent location, he decided to attack me due to the fact that I had the wrong birth year for him, and because he had a bad 4th house transit during his first year in San Francisco.

Paul DiCocco (GianPaolo DiCocco) in one of his YouTube videos.

The chart for San Francisco, when corrected, looked much better than the one I had at first entertained. It had stronger career development, and a better money house. The Southern California charts had the same long-term fortunate career development progressions as the north, and he benefited from them indeed. (It even made him famous in a whole new career.) DiCocco couldn't comprehend the possibility that I had helped him notwithstanding the incorrect year, because he thinks that life is a machine where we must "know the right tricks." He doesn't understand how life, and grace, really works in my case. 
Below: GianPaolo DiCocco, sudden overnight astrologer who speaks of 'the sacred science of astrology,'
telling the world what his readings are like:

Because I have done over 10 thousand readings starting before 1990 logic tells me DiCocco's earlier misfortunes and aggressiveness are more about himself than about me.

There are many contradictions and disingenuous items in DiCocco's mad campaign.
One is that according to his own cherished  Astro*Carto*Graphy theories, he admits I gave him a fortunate location.

Below: A snide Paul DiCocco, alias GianPaolo DiCocco, alias Voice of the Cosmos, gloating about his desire to sue me and win, because I am defending myself here from his maniacal attacks,  and purporting to use astrology to predict a big win for himself, and hoping to get rich from another lawsuit.  Charming guy, eh?  -- Julian Lee

In another one of his typical self-contradictions, his YouTube channel says this: "Welcome, one and all . . . astrologers, non-believers, and all lovers of love! "

He claims that he was deep into astrological study for years before coming to me, which means he would have made his move to San Francisco with much more education and astrological awareness than my average client. And there's more.
It's almost as if his Magnificent Loserhood, which he chronicled in our original Interview, was beyond my powers to help.

I recommended California for other reasons of my own, and not ACG reasons, though sometimes clients do like the idea of getting a match between my system and the old ACG ideas . Based on my research on him, plus the way he often phrases his statements, and based on a recent hacking of my Gmail address immediately after I purchased his name in a dot-com (this is still under investigation), I suspect he is a deceitful individual who has a political and racial ax to grind and one who is not constrained by ethics or truth.

Below: DiCocco gloats on his Facebook about his efforts to hurt my reputation.
He regards himself as "the cosmos."

Above: DiCocco openly exposes his desire and intention to hurt my reputation, on his Facebook, freely viewable with Google searches. About deceit: He appears to be lying about where he actually lives. As to "treachery": This man began publicly attacking me after I worked hours to help him, refunded his entire fee at his demand, then after he attained in the location the job/money success he sought. And I have reason to believe that he hacked/stole my gmail address. And about false prophets: DiCocco keeps making predictions in his new career as an astrologer, and they keep on not coming true, like his  recent prediction that there would be a significant "attack on US soil" in "late December 2016 to early January 2017. (All he had to point to was another typical lone gunman incident, which are common now.) On the other hand, I predicted he would have strong career development and money improvements in California, and I was correct. Keep in mind that when DiCocco first came to me he was a sad sack in the east, couldn't keep a job, and was hoping to go to undertaker school. What a change in his life under the chart I recommended! But did I create a monster that wants to eat me?

DiCocco, who was refunded by me long ago at his demand, states that he moved to Los Angeles and found happiness and success there, after first moving to the Bay Area on my recommendation and suffering 'trouble with roommates' and 'legal troubles' which were likely due to his personality and not Julian Lee's fault. He actually found what he sought -- a good job -- in California under the same new 10th House chart structure I had directed him to. Yet he attacks me as a "charlatan" and many other slurs.

Above: Another screenshot of DiCocco's Facebook, freely available on Google. Here he refers to his desire to 'eat me out of house and home' through a lawsuit after I brought him success in life. DiCocco looks at my natal chart, then uses things he sees there to "justify" things he wishes to do. DiCocco has litigious tendencies based on his statements. Always trying to get other people's money? Something for nothing? In the post above referring to his threat to sue me, he says "If he does not comply [with his demand[, I'll be $100,000 richer."

DiCocco's attacks on me are likely politically and racially motivated, and/or we wanted to attack me as way to give himself notoriety in his new chosen career as an internet astrologer. DiCocco is, in astrological terms and in terms of my practice, one of my proudest cases because I helped him immensely, got him to the best location, and helped metaphysically to turn him into a bigshot -- despite the great obstruction of having an incorrect birth year.         


A few basic facts to bear in mind about DiCocco as he connects to me:

-- He is one of 3 clients in the past 8 years who has claimed my "full refund" offer after claiming dissatisfaction with move results. DiCocco received a full refund from me.

-- He had initial good results in San Francisco, and had his own reasons for moving there.

--  Though he later moved to Los Angeles, it was in California indeed that he found a job and good pay, his main goal. It was the entire California chart that had this potential, not just northern, the longer he spent with it.

-- His reading was done with the incorrect birth year -- the only such case I am aware of in my 25-year practice. But when the error was discovered and the charts corrected, California appeared even better for his purposes than the erroneous chart, and I told him this and continued to advocate that he stay there.

-- I did at least 3 follow up readings/checkups for him after the initial reading (which was refunded). In other words, I didn't receive a penny from DiCocco for my time.

-- He claims he was deeply immersed in the study of astrology -- including locational ideas -- for years prior too calling me. If true he was choosing to move to the Bay Area with a far more astrologically educated view than the majority of my clients. With his claimed astrological knowledge he would not have moved there if he didn't regard the charts as auspicious himself.

-- The problems he reported in Bay Area sounded like the same problems he reported about his life back East.

But going back a bit...

 When Paul DiCocco came to me he recited a litany of failures, mostly difficulties with employment, and said he was living in his mother's house in the New York area. He was a very unhappy man. Nothing seemed good for him. All-Woes! He was hoping to go into "mortuary science" (become an undertaker). Later, in San Francisco, he  changed his goal to becoming a paralegal. But his basic goal was to get and keep a job.
I often don't like to take clients with such stories because I know everything is dualistic; there's always something good in life, so I reason they may just be negative types. But with my 25 years and 10-thousand-readings experience, I believed I could help him. I recommended California, and said that the Bay Area was the best part of California for him.

He had a positive initial arrival to San Francisco, finding a good rental right away in a rental market that is famously challenging. One of his calls to me at that time can be heard here.

Later he claimed that he had a rough year in Bay Area -- apparently with people, such as roommates -- and "legal problems" which may point to a litigious tendency. (He clearly has a conflict orientation and brings up the prospect of suing often it seems.) He claimed he returned to his mom's house out east. At the time he claimed that return, he also demanded a full refund from me, which he got right away.

Above: Paul DiCocco defending a sexual predator in San Francisco -- a male arrested by the police for in fact having sex with an underage male youth -- and DiCocco displaying his litigious tendencies. In a post (bottom) he made to Yelp, complaining about me, DiCocco states that in San Francisco he himself had a "run-in with the law." This post and image was freely available on the internet searching Google with "Paul DiCocco" and is used by Fair Use.

Then DiCocco, according to his claim, came back to California, but now to Los Angeles, and claimed this was the place where he found happiness, not San Francisco. I regarded the two charts as very similar, having the same 10th House development, which was a critical gain I had sought for him.

There is evidence against his claims of leaving San Francisco when he said. He appears to have kept an apartment in the Bay Area well beyond the return time he claims. He may have temporarily gone back east to help his relatives follow him to California. He states that his family later moved out to California, and that he moved to Los Angeles with them, and that there he got the best job ever and the best pay ever. It turned out that DiCocco actually moved to Pasadena, not Los Angeles, and presently lives there with his mother.

DiCocco has stated "I live in Los Angeles, plain and simple." But it's not so plain or simple.
Online databases yielding address histories strangely don't show any addresses for Paul DiCocco in the L.A. or Pasadena during  2016 or the past several years, but list him as still in El Cerrito (the north).

Cocco Stardust. By all appearances DiCocco has really been
enjoying the cultural life of San Francisco. This image of DiCocco comes up on
Google images with searches for "Paul DiCocco" and is used by Fair Use.

By moving to Southern California he still got the beneficial 10th House (of career) that I had originally sent him to, native for him all over California.  I often find a person's L.A. chart is largely the same as his San Francisco chart. Longitude is the key matter. The major Relocated Natal Chart changes (and this is my best technique) come with east/west movement. RelNats in a similar longitude often look the same or close. He states now that he has a "good job" and good pay 'in Los Angeles' -- this with the new California 10th House of career that I sent him to, native across all of California. In any case, he remains in California, with my transit goodies now stronger than ever, and has transformed from a schlep hoping to go to undertaker school, to a Southern California Astrology Guru. It's very clear to me that whatever he is today, for better or worse, he was made by my recommendation.

A strange wrinkle was that the reading was done with the wrong birth year. He is the only case I'm aware of, of my 10 thousand-plus readings, where I used inaccurate birth data. I don't know how that happened. But when corrected, his California chart looked even better for career development than the one I first entertained.

Indeed in California he found his passion and true work -- giving opinions about astrology on YouTube -- and got immediate acclaim and an audience for it. He seemed to know little about astrology when I first counseled him and had little interest, not even noticing my obvious references, during the reading, to natal positions, and transits, that did not belong to him. He raised no technical issues as I gave a reading loaded with technical references that would have alerted even a novice that I had the wrong birth data. Now it appears that I -- and my recommendation -- are what made him what he is now, since Scorpio-Rising- Ruled-From-11th-House WILL give a strong interest in astrology while in San Francisco.
He's now a public "astrology expert" making YouTube videos about astrology and a far cry now from the loner whose main focus in life was to perhaps become an undertaker or hold down any job. It was three long beneficial transit feeding his new locational 10th-House-Ruler, native to all of California, that worked this change.
As he continues to claim that he moved to Los Angeles and 'finally attained happiness,' he has decided to attack the astrologer (Julian Lee, me) who originally recommended California.

This is the case of a man who, aside from having little gratitude for my honest attempt to help him -- has no clue what's going on with his own chart or the real reasons he's become what he's become, and clearly more fulfilled in life. I believe he is likely motivated by race and politics, disliking my political views. Often when I confront him (on his slanderous YouTube video thread) on technical astrological matters, he changes the topic and starts calling me a " racist." While he slanders me as a "charlatan" because of my rare technical error with his birth year -- which truly caused him no harm at all -- he appears to have an agenda to
heap praise on non-White astrologers he can find, simply to create a contrast. This is another suggestion that he is motivated by a multiculturalist or Cultural Marxist animus.

By having the incorrect year of birth, I was not able to give DiCocco the beneficial 4th house I characteristically try to get for my clients. But since he is the only case of wrong data I know about, in my 10,000-plus readings, I think it says more about DiCocco than about me.  He wasn't supposed to get full help from me. 

Seeing his character now, I understand why. I have always felt my readings have divine agency in them. I turn down clients if I think they are not worthy of this powerful help. DiCocco slipped through, perhaps because his story about his life was so pathetic.

Some people, I regret helping. Even with incorrect data, DiCocco got from me a powerful 10th House (Career) setup in California, which he is gleefully riding now. His main ISSUE was his 10th house (career/job). But I didn't get him, with that wrong year, the beneficial 4th House structure I seek for my clients, which allows them to stay in an area and have fortunate housing the first year.

Keep in mind that I fully refunded him, after his usual problems-with-people continued on in San Francisco.  No other astrologers take that kind of responsibility or offer such refunds. Yet he attacks me now for his same-old personal life in San Fran during the first year. I have always taught that the new chart takes hold only over time. One is still carrying the conditioning/impressions of the old chart after a move, and it takes at least a year to see the larger landscape and life formations from the new chart coming in.

This is a case of God guiding my readings, as He usually does, to prevent me from giving my full help to a negative personality. Perhaps if I had been able to give him something even more powerful and helpful, not laboring with the wrong year, Paul DiCocco would be 20 times the asshole that he is today.

Below: Paul DiCocco's Relocated Natal Chart, New York

Below: Paul DiCocco's Relocated Natal Chart, San Francisco

Below: Paul DiCocco's Relocated Natal Chart, Los Angeles

The following is the review DiCocco posted about me on Yelp:

"I consulted with Julian Lee back in May 2013 as I was experiencing a major career crisis in my life. He was a very pleasant person to talk to.

"His initial free client interview session went very well, as he was very attentive to my needs. I then paid for a full relocational analysis, and he enthusiastically suggested the San Francisco Bay Area as the best location for my career. So based on his glowing recommendation, I moved to San Francisco 2 months after my reading.

"I completed a one-year paralegal program there, but experienced great difficulty and hardship with my living situations. I moved three times in less than a year due to horrible roommate situations. The cost of living in the Bay Area is also atrocious. Why he recommended that city to me I have no idea. When I graduated from the paralegal program, I could not find a job and I had a run-in with the law.

"To sum it up, San Francisco was a complete failure for me. The only good thing to come out of it was the completion of my certificate program (even though that is now useless to me, as I am pursuing pre-medical studies in New York).
Location Results for Paul DiCocco,
December 2016
"Why did I experience such hardship? He used the wrong birth information! He drew up my charts based on a birth year of 1958 instead of 1983. Now that's a huge difference right there. I don't see how he can mistake my birth year when I speak very clearly and directly. During the reading, he also told me "you're young, and you've got to get it together on the career front." Would he really say that to someone who was born in 1958? Don't think so. I don't even sound like I'm 55 years old!

"As a result, due to his grave mistake of using an incorrect birth year, San Francisco was the wrong city for me to move to. In his defense, he claimed that my 1983 chart looked a lot better than the incorrect 1958 chart, and he still would have recommended San Francisco. I don't believe that for a second. It's very possible that if he started out with my correct 1983 chart, he would have chosen a different location. After exchanging a series of e-mails with him, I got a full refund.

"He even went so far as to claim that I was possibly mentally ill and that my birth year was wrong. I think I know exactly when I was born, thank you. My advice to all of you considering getting a reading from him is this: relocate at your own risk! He has a disclaimer on his website about that for a reason. In addition, during the reading, he never stated my birth date. He said my full name, but never the birth date. This qualifies as malpractice, and if there was a governing legal body out there enforcing astrological practice, I really would have sued him for negligence. When any astrologer claiming to be a professional in the field gives a recorded reading, he or she MUST state the full name of the client and their birth date, time, and location. Period. Anything less is malpractice. Again, book a reading with him at your own risk. This holds doubly true if you're considering moving to his recommended location. "
Note from Julian: I did not "claim that he had" a mental illness. I simply asked him if he was on pharmaceutical drugs. Because in my experience this interferes with the natural functioning of "the chart." He never gave me a straight answer to that question, instead just expressing offense that I would ask it.  In the above Yelp review DiCocco states he moved back to NY and pursued pre-med. At this time (December 2016) he is claiming he in Los Angeles, with the same god 10th House development native to San Francisco. But all data tracers state he is in the Bay Area still, where I directed him to go, as he prospers. Clearly he couldn't stay away from California. Again, the corrected chart was superior to the erroneous chart, for career development, though it did not have the characteristic 4th House help I try to load into my recommendations. While staying there and enjoying himself, he can't comprehend that he got a good and helpful answer from me in the first place.

Coming Soon:

Paul DiCocco's happy and hopeful call from San Francisco after his first trip there, and...

...the sad original interview in which he tells of his troubled life and many failures, battles and disappointments back out in the east where he was when he came to me, living at his mother's. Please watch this space.