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34 Facts About Astrology Marketer GianPaolo DiCocco

About Paul DiCocco and His Insane
Defamation & Slander Campaign
Against Me

Julian Lee

Late in my career, after 27 years of serving people, I finally got a case every professional eventually hits on: the "client from hell." This was Paul DiCocco. Because he received a full refund long ago, and because he is trying to hurt my reputation, and uniquely is one who holds his astrologer accountable for the problems of his life, I made this page to defend my work, and as his attacks have become more bizarre -- my character..

Paul "Gianpaolo" DiCocco

His attacks eventually grew to be so malicious and reckless that I decided to make a strong response to him. A few simple statements will instruct the reader:

-- DiCocco received a full refund from me ($250) when he claimed he was not happy in the new location (California, San Francisco area). I am the only astrologer who offers that kind of assurance and protection and comes through with it. (I've only had to do 4 of these in the 10 years I've offered it.) At first he was simply angry at me because he continued to have conflicts with others after his move and it took a while to a job (with his record of firings and dismissals). DiCocco complained that he had "trouble with roomates" in San Francisco, and accused me of "drinking" (alcohol) because he heard me sip my iced tea during the reading.

-- After I began defending myself online, DiCocco steadily escalated his slanders against me, gradually over months, until they included "charlatan," "drug user," "satanic," "racist," "psychotic," "sex offender," that I "have AIDS" and cancer, am a "serial killer" and "pedophile" -- all concoctions of his own mind with no basis in reality.

For the record:
-- I have never drank (perhaps unique in that).
-- I have never used drugs, even marijuana.
-- I am in good health and have never said otherwise to anybody.
-- I have never identified with Nazis or even been interested in them. I am pro-White but I don't hate other peoples or races.
-- I have never been accused of a crime, even informally. I have never been arrested, and don't even understand sexual perversions. (DiCocco, who has a "wild side" background and is always contradicting himself, has expressed anger that I even believe in the idea of perversion. He himself has been arrested -- for making threats.)

It appears that DiCocco lashes out name-calling the very things he himself fears being called. For example, DiCocco does drink. DiCocco has been seen online defending a friend who was arrested for a sex offense with the underage, DiCocco (who is gay) may worry about having AIDS, and DiCocco is accused of being a charlatan.

In other words, he calls me all the things that he fears -- or knows -- that he is. Some people call this behavior "projection."

-- I had recommended California to him. DiCocco soon returned to California (southern) where he had the exact same career development factors present in the north, and he prospered there. This according to his statements. The factors that brought DiCocco his 'best position and pay ever' were present in all of California. So it could be said that I made DiCocco what he became -- both a guy with a good job and a sudden notorious Youtube astrologer. It was only a matter of spending enough time with the California chart to allow the old chart to fade and the new one to come in.

-- The problems DiCocco described in N. California sounded a lot like the problems he described for the east coast -- constant troubles with people, including many firings from jobs. After claiming that his Shangri-la was really southern California, DiCocco continued to have problems with people there. He was recently fired (again) from the high-paying job I helped him get by giving him a very constructive 10th House.

-- Though I had the wrong birth year for him, the Calif. chart when corrected was better than I had at first believed. (I don't know how I had the wrong birth year. Bad cell connection?) But I excelled in my recommendation notwithstanding that obstruction. His goals were entirely career focused, and he posted as recently as Feb 2018 that he likes California 'for his career.'

In sum:
The first person to ever call me a "fraud" or "charlatan" in my 29-year career was a person who:

1. Was duly refunded according to my extraordinary guarantee, and
2. Received exactly the benefits he wanted from getting my advice and making the move west, perhaps more spectacularly than most.

Nowadays instead of making death threats to others, he is making death threats against me and my family, incensed by my strong response in defending myself from him.

DiCocco is probably motivated by racial animus stemming from being Jewish since I have been unafraid to speak of the Jewish influence on immigration into European nations and America as a genocidal technique.
This seems to have enraged him. It's common knowledge that Jews collectively are the chief enablers and advocates for  non-White immigration into White-founded nations. He uses many leftist and Jewish terms-of-art like "racist," "anti-semite" and "nazi." (Even reproducing the "Nazi" flier used by the Jewish-founded ARA to harass me some years ago.) He has always had many Israeli Facebook friends and his chief allies and sidemen who help him with his attacks -- are Jewish. Though DiCocco denies being Jewish, saying "I went to Catholic school," people who follow him on YouTube etc. easily recognize it:

I am not hateful towards other races -- including Jews. I am simply race-positive, including pro-White for the sake of my own people, and trying to protect the Europeans and their nations. And I don't think that Jewish collective activities are taboo to talk about or should be on a no-talk list. My views on race are given, in part, here.

Central to DiCocco's tactic is to present "Julian Lee as unfortunate, i.e. reviled, and under death threats." To make his claims true DiCocco himself provides all the reviling and all of the death threats.

This is called chutzpah. And DiCocco's chosen technique -- grotesque smears -- is a typical technique used against dissidents and critics of Jewish power.
Jews tend to believe that any slander is permissable for the sake of their tribe. And DiCocco is using the "throw any mud at a wall" technique. (Hoping some sticks.)

Pioneering "full relocated natal chart analysis, I was busy with clients from the time I first began to do readings, in California in the 1980s. The technique was a breath of fresh air over Astro*Carto*Graphy product and gave different answers.

The links you see on this page were created by me (with some help) to deconstruct DiCocco's character and legitimacy in response to his smears as they escalated. One theory about DiCocco is that he attempted first to set himself up as a sudden "astrological authority" simply so his pronouncements about me (from my "natal chart" etc.) would have some kind of credibility. On the other hand he may in fact desire to be a notable in the field of astrology. Whether either case be true, I had a duty to deconstruct his activities both for my sake -- and for the sake of astrology.

Paul DiCocco's Friends:
At first it was "trouble with roommates" and difficulty getting a job that made me a target for his ire.  In the screenshot below Paul DiCocco is seen defending a man who was arrested for sex with underage boys. DiCocco appears to think  laws on the books regarding sex offenders should not be enforced, and he has sex offenders for friends. It was upon seeing this posted online that DiCocco began calling me -- with no basis in facts -- "sex offender" and "pedophile."

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